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About the Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta

A Brief History


This history is unavoidably sketchy, to say the least, for events before 1973. Many fine leaders of the Association have passed into a better world, and materials and information are simply not available. I offer, on my "retirement" as Association solicitor, this brief history as a record of my own knowledge. I hope others can help fill in the story and keep it filled hereafter. As part of the picture prior to 1973-74, when first I became active in executive functions, I attach the solicitor's Report for the 1976 annual meeting, in which the late Dr. S.H. McCuaig, Q.C., concisely summarized the Association's past.

The Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta came into being in 1914 as an offspring of the national life insurance companies association, the modern-day successor of which is (I believe) the Canadian Life and Accident Insurance Association. We celebrated the MLAA's 75th annual meeting in 1990, and join in its 76th this year. I believe its original impetus was consideration of mechanics' lien legislation, a continuing interest of the Association to this very day in light of recent proposals for a new Construction Payment Act.

The Association was born with a legal focus, and that focus appears to this day in its constitution's objects:

The security of united action by all members in connection with proposed or existing legislation, so as to obtain the best possible legislation in the general interest of both lender and borrower.

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