About Us

Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta

Now is your opportunity to support your Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta by joining through a membership. Your MLAA hosts monthly luncheons in both Calgary and Edmonton, lobbies on your behalf and creates a venue for communication in our industry. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining this year and contributing in part to the advancement of our industry. Come and enjoy our luncheons – they’re informative and an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals.

The Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta (MLAA) is your association that provides:

  • Education and learning
  • Active member involvement

  • Timely industry updates
  • A venue for meeting and discussion


Regular Member - individuals or companies who carry on business as direct lenders on real estate in Alberta and have done so for a minimum of the 5 previous years.

Associate Member - individuals or firms who carry on business in Alberta relating to or associated with mortgage loans but not Regular Members.

Legal Member - individuals or firms practicing law in Alberta.

Fees - $200.00 per company – all employees of the company become members. Members and their guests are welcome to attend all luncheons.

We enclose our Application Form for your convenience in becoming a member. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of our Calgary or Edmonton Executive, as listed on our website, MLAA.ca, if you require additional information.

Our Mission

To create and maintain mutual confidence between the lending corporations and the borrowing public.

To secure united action by all members in connection with proposed or existing legislation, so as to obtain the best possible legislation in the general interest of both the lender and the borrower.


To provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of issues affecting the interests of lending corporations and the borrowing public within the Province of Alberta.

To educate and inform the members of the Association on issues affecting the mortgage lending industry especially business, legislative and judicial changes and developments.

To provide a social and business networking forum for the members of the Association to promote the mortgage lending business.