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We are here to provide a forum for sharing of ideas, open communication and education of the mortgage lending industry in Alberta.


A Brief History


This history is unavoidably sketchy, to say the least, for events before 1973. Many fine leaders of the Association have passed into a better world, and materials and information are simply not available. I offer, on my "retirement" as Association solicitor, this brief history as a record of my own knowledge. I hope others can help fill in the story and keep it filled hereafter. As part of the picture prior to 1973-74, when first I became active in executive functions, I attach the solicitor's Report for the 1976 annual meeting, in which the late Dr. S.H. McCuaig, Q.C., concisely summarized the Association's past.

MLAA Membership

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Calgary Announcements

2019 Calgary Annual Golf Classic is here!