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Learning Table Guest : Karen Turner – November 7, 2019

Save 30 minutes a day by improving your Portable Productivity!

visite site Imagine turning a late-starting meeting into getting a few quick tasks off your to-do list. If your SmartPhone isn’t integrated with your office process, you are losing about 30 minutes a day of productive time. Portable Productivity is all about the power of ACCURATE responsiveness, what our current work world demands!

Maximizes your SmartPhone Savvy  for optimal on-the-go productivity, reducing redundance upon return to your office:

  • Improve Performance – Configure your Smartphone for enhanced output  by eliminating extra keystrokes and unnecessary functions.
  • Workflow Integration – Use various apps to simplify daily workflow and follow-up more effectively.
  • Streamline Functionality – Customize your device to access essential apps for  easier and faster searching.
  • Quick Shortcuts – Implement proven timesaving shortcuts for faster turn-around and far less frustration.