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Join Altus Group’s Vice President, Product Management, Data Solutions, Matthew Boukall as he shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise on topics relevant to real estate and development.


Matthew Boukall is responsible for product strategy, geographic expansion, and new product development for Data Solutions, focusing on residential products including Real Net’s New Homes and Development Application Monitoring, and the FIRM report. Recently, Matthew led the expansion of the New Homes product to Western Canada and the creation of the Development Application product. Prior to his current role, he led the introduction and growth of Altus Group’s Residential Advisory team in Western Canada and has been providing market advice and analysis to new home builders, rental developers, and financial institutions for over 13 years.
Matthew is a frequent presenter and speaker at Altus Group events and is regularly featured in media, commenting on real estate markets across Canada.

 Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Westin Calgary – 320 4th Avenue SW, Calgary

Networking starts at 11:45 am

Lunch served at 12:00 pm ‘sharp’

Isotretinoin generic, Buy isotretinoin isotretinoin online

Please forward any dietary restrictions (including Vegetarian preference) and/or allergies

***In the event a member confirms attendance and fails to give 72 business hours’ notice of cancellation, the member will be charged for the luncheon***

$50.00 members | $60.00 non-members

Cheques can be made payable and sent to:

Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta
C/O MCAP Financial Corporation
Sun Life Plaza, North Tower | Suite 2500, 140 – 4th Avenue SW | Calgary, AB | T2P 3N3

Contact: Rosalie Buckie, Secretary Treasurer Calgary Chapter | (403) 508-7295 | email: buy isotretinoin for cheap

Sponsorship is always welcomed – and is a great way to promote your business, contact any MLAA board member for details.