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Monday, July 22, 2019
Sirocco Golf Club

buy isotretinoin for cheap

GOLF ENTRY FEE: $175.00 per person – if purchased by July 6, 2019
$190.00 per person – if purchased AFTER July 6, 2019
$650 per foursome – if purchased by July 6, 2019
$710 per foursome – if purchased AFTER July 6, 2019
Your entry fee includes: burger bar lunch, power cart, prime rib buffet dinner, green
fees, driving range, golf-pro clinic & MANY opportunities for PRIZES!!!
DINNER ONLY FEE: $65.00 per person – to attend the dinner only portion of the event
SHOTGUN START: 12:30 pm ‘sharp’

PRIZES: Prize donations are greatly appreciated!

Registration Form for more detail
DRAWS: Mulligans and 50/50 Raffle
PLAY FORMAT: Best Ball Foursomes
REGISTRATION: Please complete one registration form per attendee
ADDITIONAL INFO: Jason McIlwain – (403) 974-5129